The Inclusive Practice Network was set up to act as a forum for the development of inclusive teaching, learning and assessment in higher education.

We believe that excellent support for disabled students should be embedded within all organisational aspects of higher education providers. In particular, we are focussed on supporting delivery within academic departments but welcome staff from across higher education.

Formed in 2016 the network has organised 3 national conferences and has 20 subscribing organisations. Whilst we are based in the UK our mission is to promote inclusive practice internationally and to this end will be organising our first international event in 2021.
"We define inclusive teaching as the facilitation of learning through pedagogy which allows for the differences between all learners. It is based on an assumption that when we educate, we  aim to assist all learners to achieve to the best of their abilities and without the methods of teaching delivery acting as an impediment to learning."

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